Hi, I am Jonathan Muth.
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Photo of Jonathan Muth
Photo of Jonathan Muth
Inverted World (Demo)

Dearest stranger,

be my signal and I will be your noise! When Heinz von Foerster published On Self-Organizing Systems and Their Environments in 1960, he put forward a counterintuitive hypothesis: By adding more elements to a complex system, the order within that system goes up.

I think of myself as one of these elements — (relatively) "cheap undirected energy" waiting to be fed into a system. Once inside and presented with a problem, I'll get to work. I believe in the power of cooperation and self-organization.

My name is Jonathan Muth and I am web developer with an eye for design, a product owner with an intuitive understanding of technology and a digital strategist with a background in sociology and communication sciences.

During the day, I work at a Datawrapper, where I lead the technical development of all public-facing web properties, while also keeping an eye on how they serve Datawrapper's users.

At night, I enjoy playing well-designed card games (most recently Star Realms and Keyforge), reading feminist sci-fi novels and fantasize about how someday I will be the lead guitarist of a power metal band.